Laundry/ Linen Supervisor

 Job Description

· Lead, train and supervise Laundry team members to ensure a constant supply of clean linens and/or uniforms for the hotel

· Oversee the ordering and distribution of team member uniforms (if applicable)

· Perform all stages of linen processing including, but not limited to, collecting, transporting, sorting, weighing, loading, and unloading, ironing, folding, storing, and delivering and cleaning laundry equipment and the laundry area, as needed

· Assign work including, but not limited to, assigning machinery, equipment, and scheduled work areas

· Monitor linen quality, inventory, stain percentage, damaged linen, and production reports to ensure reordering, rewashing and repairs in a timely manner

· Provides staff with an up-to-date list of items stocked in the warehouse. Receives and properly stores all supplies and ensures appropriate housekeeping standards are met.

· Record productivity through, but not limited to, hourly production pieces per operator hour

· Performs other duties as assigned.

Skills and abilities

· High school graduate or equivalent required.

· Experience in laundry/housekeeping management or similar field preferred.

· Experience with basic computer equipment and programs, preferably Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel or related programs.

· Ability to plan, organize, and manage multiple tasks and details, and perform assigned duties in a pleasant and competent manner.

· Ability to communicate (Auditory, verbal, and written) adeptly with guests, program personnel, and employees.

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