Job Description

· Directly repair and maintain assigned equipment in the resort system based on required skills.

· Follow to the plan, arrange an appropriate time to check and replace damaged lights in the guest and staff areas, the job requires full recording to the form.

· Responsible for performing work follow to the request form for the prevention from damage, damage to the guest room, planning to maintain the guest room. Daily report to the department manager.

· Regularly check the status of equipment in the management area and make recommendations for maintenance and repair solutions.

· Support for fire prevention programs and ensuring fire prevention and fighting equipment is in good condition, making records to forms and submitting to management weekly.

· Responsible for maintaining a clean, dry, and tidy environment for sensitive equipment areas: electrical cabinets, technical boxes, machine room areas, pumping stations, waste systems, etc. of the resort and areas of the technical department.

· Maintain technical room equipment in good condition according to its function and scope of role.

Skills and abilities

· Experience and expertise in the same field of hotels and resorts.

· Be responsible and disciplined.

· Don't be afraid to work overtime until the job is done.

· Honest, agile, vivacious, fun.

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