HR Executive

 Job Description

Human Resources:

· Create, Organize, and maintain personnel records and HR Database.

· Update internal databases (e.g., record sick or maternity leave)

· Prepare HR documents, like employment contracts and new hire guides

· Prepare and arrange onboarding process for all new hire.

· In-charge of Recruitment and Selection process (e.g., Assist to create JDs, background check, advertise job listings, screening resume, shortlisting interviewees, and coordinating interviews.)

· Source and interview candidates based on company management requirement

· Revise company policies

· Liaise with external partners, like insurance vendors, and ensure legal compliance

· Create regular reports and presentations on HR metrics

· Answer employee queries about HR-related issues

· Assist the finance department by providing relevant employee information (e.g., leaves of absence, sick days, and work schedules)

· Processing Payroll, Social Insurance and Employee Leave Matters.

· Participate in HR projects (e.g., help organize a job fair event)


· Arrange travel accommodations and process expense forms

· Arranging Internal Company Events

· Managing Petty Cash, check invoices/receipts/bills and report to finance director for the making of payments

· Maintaining Office Supplies

· Periodic Stocktaking of Hardware Equipment and report to the GM

· Arrange for refreshments for clients when meetings with managers/directors when necessary

· Preparing and liaising with Outsource and Projects team on

· Outsource Contract and Schedules

· Retrieve supporting documents and make payment request and follow up with finance to ensure payment timely and correctly.

· Other Admin Tasks assigned by the manager/director.

Skills and abilities

· Diploma/Degree in relevant scope of work

· Proficient and Knowledgeable with local labor law and processes

· Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

· English Written, Speaking and Reading required

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