Guest Service Supervisor

 Job Description

· To have a thorough knowledge of all the prices, dates, time, and description of the latest events, activities, and facilities that will be provided to the incoming guests and update the staff members on the same

· To plan the daily agenda that includes the duties that need to be carried out by the front-end staff members and to train the guest staff members on the various facilities that are being rendered

· To anticipate and follow up promptly on the guests' requirements and to make sure that all their concerns are being resolved

· To make efforts to enhance the quality of services that are being provided and to ensure that the existing services are in compliance with the rules and regulations, and that all the safety and security procedures are being adhered to

· To hire and train new staff members as per the requirement and to schedule the staff members to various shifts

· To participate in the meetings and provide constructive feedback regarding the performance of guest services' staff

Skills and abilities

· Have exceptional interpersonal communication skills and should be totally customer centric.

· Develop and maintain professional relationship with the guests as well as with the guest staff members.

· Have the ability to supervise and lead a team of guest staff members and should be able to delegate work according to the priority.

· Function in a team environment and should be able to motivate others to deliver quality work.

· Have the ability to accomplish the tasks through other staff personnel.

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