Executive Housekeeper

 Job Description

· Monitors Housekeeping personnel to ensure all guests and internal customers receive prompt and courteous service

· Oversees laundry operations

· Schedules routine inspections of all Housekeeping areas by/with the Assistant Executive Housekeeper and other supervisory personnel

· Inspects guest and public areas on a regular basis to ensure that the furnishings, facilities, and equipment are clean and in good repair

· Manages spring cleaning schedules

· Makes recommendations to the General Manager or designate regarding the upkeep of furnishings, facilities, and equipment, ensuring they are clean and in good repair

· Informs other departments of Housekeeping matters that concern them, particularly the Laundry Department, the Engineering Department, the Front Office, and the Food and Beverage department.

· Maintains open channels of communication with other department heads and the General Manager or the General Manager’s designate

· Establishes and maintains effective human relations and works with human resources to ensure that team members performance is effectively managed

· Maintains appropriate standards for dress, hygiene, uniforms, appearance, posture and conduct of Housekeeping personnel

· Conducts regular department meetings

· Identifies and ensures highest possible standard of cleanliness, maintenance, guest room supplies and amenities at a realistic cost

· Supervises outside contractors to ensure contractual compliance

· Implements and controls Housekeeping procedures that provide for the health and safety of personnel and guests, such as lost and found service, key control, security and emergency procedures and environmental procedures

· In conjunction with the Crisis Management Team prepare emergency procedures upon advice from relevant authority that cover such emergencies as Fire, Power Outage, Bomb Threat, Cyclone Warnings, etc.

· Fully conversant with all hotel emergency procedures

· Is prepared to implement assigned tasks during emergencies such as fires, power failures and bomb threats

· Ensures departmental Risk Management Calendar actions are up to date as per monthly calendar schedule.

· Works with Human Resources on manpower planning and management needs

· Works with Director of Finance in the preparation and management of the Department’s budget.

· Perform other task assigned based on hotel needs or requirements

Skills and abilities

· Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Hotel Administration, Hotel Management or equivalent

· 4 years housekeeping / laundry experience preferably in a hotel of similar size and complexity and including supervisory experience.

· Communication skills are utilized a significant amount of time when interacting with others; demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the resort, the brand, and the Company.

· Good writing skills

· Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office

· Problem solving, reasoning, motivating, organizational and training abilities

· Strong Leadership skills in managing teams

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